The Inner Nourish Counseling Story

I founded Inner Nourish Counseling in 2015 when I realized after several years of clinical practice which group of individuals I was most passionate about working with. I thrive on helping clients achieve their dreams of living life to the fullest. Whether you're looking to improve focus and concentration, remove anxiety while speaking publicly, or achieve a greater level of satisfaction in life, EMDR can help.

With the help of science and research, we can figure out together what events in your past have been holding you back, process them, and make your future goals a reality. 

Throughout my career over the past 7 years I've worked with a large range of clients - from homeless to famous bloggers to stay at home moms. While I've learned something from each of my beloved clients, I feel the most fulfilled when I can definitively say how I've helped someone. I've experienced this most when using EMDR. Clients can specifically say that they are sleeping better, no longer have anxiety, or can interact in important relationships with patience and perspective.

Identifying problems, coming up with solutions, and seeing actual results in clients' lives is deeply satisfying work for me!

About Isabel


Skiing is what brought me out to Colorado over ten years ago, but I was quick to embrace hiking, biking, craft beer, and live music. I love painting, practicing yoga, doing anything outside, cooking, and weight lifting. You can usually find me with my nose in a book, catching up with friends over coffee, visiting family, or heading to the mountains for the weekend. I consider myself to be a fairly laid-back and casual person, and it's pretty difficult to say something that I would find offensive. I cuss frequently during sessions. My approach to the therapeutic relationship is to be a person first, and your therapist second. As Carl Rogers, my favorite psychologist, said - 

“The more the therapist becomes a real person and avoids self-protective or professional masks or roles, the more the patient will reciprocate and change in a constructive direction.”

I work well with entrepreneurs, athletes, and artists because I also wear those hats, and I am acutely familiar with the struggles and hardships they face everyday. I believe the most fulfilling aspect of life is relationship - with oneself as well as with others, and I try to nourish both of these as much as possible! At least once a day I take time out for journaling, a 20 minute meditation, or an intense weight lifting session. I also try my best as a friend, a partner, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and a therapist. Of course some (or many) days this doesn't happen, and I try to meet my failures - er, missed opportunities - with compassion rather than judgment.


My Experience With EMDR

My experience with EMDR as a client has been profoundly transformational. The desensitization process is an amazing journey your brain takes you on. It can be delightfully surprising at times, extremely insightful, or completely bizarre. I've worked through performance anxiety, losing my voice and confidence, as well as classic trauma. Each time I learn something new about myself and take my new positive belief to use in the future. I know I can always turn to EMDR when I need helping navigating any new challenges life throws my way.


Education and Credentials

University of Florida, BS in Psychology
University of Denver, MA in Counseling Psychology

Licensed Professional Counselor, LPC.0012939

EMDR Certificate, Maiberger Institute Training, EMDRIA approved
EMDR International Association Member